Moving Checklists

We aim to make your move as simple as possible

Move-in Checklist

At Rental Link Property Management, we want our residents to experience a smooth transition during their move out. We understand how stressful this time can be, so we have provided clear instructions to outline a proper move out procedure and minimize any potential confusion. Please read through these instructions carefully and contact our office at (239) 437-1800 or (941) 388-7464 with any questions you may have.

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month's rent check and security deposit are both due at the lease signing. Please confirm the amounts with our team.

Move-in Date & Inspection

We'll provide all information about the move-in process at the lease signing; we'll also provide an inventory for you to complete.


All utility accounts need to be placed in your name following the lease signing. Please do this as quickly as possible to ensure you don't lose access to utilities in your property.

Move-out Checklist

Move-out Checklist

Step 1: Give Proper Notification of Your Intent to Move

Provide written notification as required by your residential lease. Please be sure to provide a forwarding address. You can also complete a Notice to Vacate form. A form can be requested by emailing or on our website.

Step 2: Pre-Leasing of Your Property

Rental Link uses an automated showing system for rental showing appointments. Once you give Notice to Vacate, Rental Link will start to market the rental Property and schedule showing to prospective renters. You be notified 24-hours in advance via email of all scheduled rental showings.

Step 3: Moving Out

Upon move-out, your keys will need to be returned to Rental Link, along with any additional property access items (garage door remotes, mailbox keys, pool keys, amenity keys/fobs, parking permits, etc.). A fee may apply for any unreturned items. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RE-ENTER THE PROPERTY AFTER YOU HAVE TURNED OVER POSSESSION OF YOUR KEYS

Step 4: Contact your Local Utility Companies to Coordinate Final Billings/Services

Be sure to contact your local utility companies to get the utilities taken out of your name. Be sure you have coordinated a final trash pick-up for any garbage remaining in your cans. Request a final utility bill be issued to your new address with your final interior/exterior meter readings (you will be responsible for reporting these to utility companies). Any unpaid utilities will be deducted from your security deposit.

Step 5: Make Sure Your Property is Move Out Ready

To minimize move out charges and/or fees, please follow the cleaning specifications listed below:

  • Remove all trash, debris, and personal items from the home, garage, outbuilding, and yard areas.
  • All tenants have agreed to a mandatory minimum cleaning charge at market price depending on the condition the rental property was returned. The dirtier the property, the more the cost.
  • All tenants have agreed to have carpets (if applicable) professionally cleaned at move-out and provide Rental Link with a paid receipt. If not, Rental Link will use a local carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets and the charge will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
  • Repair any damages to the property caused by the resident. Damages left will be repaired by local handyman service and tenants Security Deposit will be billed for the cost of repairs.
  • Replace any missing/burned out light bulbs.
  • Make arrangements to have your trash picked up (single family homes only) before you discontinue services, and do NOT place trash in the recyclable cans or fines may apply.

Step 6: Security Deposit Return

Your deposit will be mailed to your forwarding address (or the Property address if forwarding address is not provided) within 30-Days from your recorded move out date. 15-Day from your recorded move out should you have NO move-out charges. Please allow adequate time for mail delivery before contacting our office if you have not received deposit or Notice to Impose Claim Against Security Deposit.

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